“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. It’s about the people you have, how they’re led and how much you get it”.  – Steve Jobs

Beams is an end-to-end platform that allows you to engage every single person in your organization in the innovation process to build the future of your company.

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Beams Unique Selling Point (USP)

Beams offers a one-stop shop for :

  1. Evaluating the innovation and creative capacity of the workforce.
  2. Training and boosting the innovation and creative capacity of the workforce.
  3. Managing the ideas generated by the workforce.

About Us

Beams is developed by Beam Riders, an Israeli based startup funded by the Chief Scientist Office and incubated at the prestigious EISP-8200 Accelerator.

Meet Our Team


Jafar Sabbah

Founder & CEO

A Beam Rider with over 22 years of entrepreneurial, managerial and legal experience.
In addition to his MBA (Cranfield alumni; Chevening Award) and LLB (Hebrew University) degrees Jafar has completed partial studies in Computer Science (Technion) and Psychology (Hebrew University).
At Beam Riders Jafar has led a one-year study measuring brain wave activity of university students while using Beam’s Alternate Uses and Complete Drawing Tests, and found that high scores, as evaluated by two external experts, correlated positively with alpha and theta brain wave activity in accordance with previous findings in the literature.
Before that Jafar led two other startups in internet and medical devices and raised $1M and $0.5M respectively.
Jafar is a graduate of the prestigious accelerator EISP-8200, a Fellow at the Aspen Institute Global Leadership Network, and a graduate of Stanford Technology Ventures Program (A Crash Course on Creativity).
Jafar was featured in and quoted by leading newspapers and articles including Forbes, SharpBrains, Financial Times, Les Echos, Time Magazine, Guardian, Red Herring, Le Monde, Geek Time, Boston Globe, Jerusalem Post, and many others. Jafar was also interviewed by BBC Radio 4, Today Program, and Radio 5 Alive.

Tal Ivancovsky

VP Creative

Tal has finished her PhD studies in neuroclinical psychology, researching the neural basis of cross-cultural differences in creativity.
In her PhD, Tal compared creative abilities of Israeli, South-Korean and Japanese students and devised a neurocognitive model which explains the source of cultural differences in creativity. Based on this model, Tal also examined neural and behavioral ways to enhance creative cognition in both cultures.
As VP Creative at Beam Riders over the last couple of years Tal participated in the design of the tests and quizzes in Beams app to ensure their relevance and validity.
Tal graduated M.A in clinical psychology with Magma Cum Laude and B.A in psychology and art with Suma Cum Laude.

Zuhair Butto


A senior full-stack developer with over 20 years of experience.
Zuhair has led the development of several products and IT systems.
Zuhair enjoys coding using: Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Swift, and many more.

Michael Da Costa Babb

UK Rep.

A freelance management consultant for various tech businesses & accelerators across all sectors in the UK.

Dr. Jaime Amsel

Advisory Board

Jaime has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, has applied this perspective in 30+ years of consulting to a variety of organizations, in 16 different countries, among them China, Colombia, Mexico, Serbia and the U.S.
Jaime is the CEO of Poiesys, a Management Consulting company dedicated to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship skills of managers, all over the world.
Accredited as an Expert and Supervisor Psychologist, by the Israeli Board of Psychologists also completed Group Dynamics training under the auspices of the UCLA Center for Organizational and Group Dynamics, in associated with Grex, of the A.K. Rice Institute.
Has published articles in English and Hebrew, in academic and management journals like: Science, Journal of Business and Psychology, Status and Human Resources. Jaime presented at numerous conferences, including United Nations and Organization of American States, conferences. Publishes a blog on Innovation Management in Spanish and has been featured in various media items on his favorite topic: the Management of Innovation processes.
Jaime pioneered the introduction of Innovation Management in Israel and teaches graduate level courses on Innovation Management, Organizational Development and Strategic Human Resources Management.
He supervises Organizational Psychologists at the Israel Defense Forces where he is a Major with the reserve.
Jaime’s signature skills include an uncanny ability to structure dynamic organizational processes to transform traditional organizations into innovative ones.

Media & Awards

Beams was selected by Sharp Brains in Dec. 2017 as Finalists for Top Brainnovation to boost Workplace Productivity & Resilience!

Beam Riders was featured at Forbes


Beams is targeting both corporations that are keen to boost their innovation capacity as well as consultants that might be interested to use the app to boost their services to their clients.
Whilst Beams is a free app, we offer a consultancy-based services to corporations to help them draw meaningful insights from the data they aggregate as well as reconfigure their whole innovation process. Please feel free to contact us for further inquiries at: info@beamsapp.com or fill out the form in Contact Us section.

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